Questions on Corporate Governance

Updated April 5th, 2023

Who owns Dahua Technology?

Dahua Technology is a private sector and publicly traded corporation that exists to serve our fiduciary duty to our shareholders, and our corporate responsibility to our customers, employees, and other stakeholders. We are neither owned nor controlled by any government.

Does China Mobile investment mean that Dahua Technology is state-owned?

  • No.
  • This investment does not change Dahua Technology’s status as a private-sector and publicly traded company.
  • As a minority stakeholder, China Mobile holds approximately 8.81 percent of Dahua’s shares.

Has China Mobile taken board seats at Dahua Technology?

  • Not at this time.
  • China Mobile will have the right to appoint up to two directors to Dahua Technology’s board of directors.
  • However, no China Mobile representatives currently sit on the board.

Does China Mobile have special privileges or decision rights in Dahua Technology?

  • No.
  • China Mobile’s shares are common stock, not any special or preferred class.
  • As a minority shareholder holding common stock, China Mobile will not have operational control over Dahua Technology or undue influence over its decision-making.

Does China Mobile have access to Dahua end-user data?

  • No.
  • As a device supplier, Dahua Technology does not store, manage, or have access to end-user data. Our products adhere to industry standards and best practices regarding data security and end-user privacy. We do not—and cannot—share data that we do not have access to.