Questions on the FCC Compliance Plan

Updated September 11th, 2023

Would the proposed Compliance Plan put an additional burden on Dahua distributors and dealers?

  • No
  • At Dahua, our intention is not—and has never been—to put the regulatory burden on our distributors and dealers.
  • The proposed plan provides additional clarity our channel partners will find advantageous as they continue doing business with Dahua for years to come.

What would the proposed plan mean for Dahua distributors and dealers?

  • The impact on distributors and dealers is limited.
  • While most of the proposed plan focuses on steps Dahua would take at the corporate level, certain parts of the plan do include compliance measures for our partners. The FCC required Dahua to include certain due diligence requirements for dealers and distributors as a condition of its plan.
  • These measures are relatively straightforward. For example:
    • Partners will be responsible for maintaining the labels (supplied by Dahua USA) affixed to our equipment. This includes replacing damaged labels and ensuring that labels are not removed.
    • Dealers will be required to certify on an annual basis that they are maintaining compliance with the measures outlined in the plan.
  • Dahua will take steps to further streamline the compliance process for our partners.
  • Those steps include—but are not limited to—providing our distributors and dealers with updated language for contracts, new marketing language, and records of sales with Dahua.

Why is Dahua proposing a Compliance Plan at this time?

  • In order for certain companies – including Dahua – to obtain new equipment authorizations, the recent FCC rulemaking process requires the filing of a Compliance Plan aimed at demonstrating that our products would not be marketed or sold for national security purposes.
  • To be clear, for many years Dahua USA has not marketed or sold products to national security purchasers.
  • Dahua is committed to serving the US and North American markets, and as a result, Dahua chose to file a Compliance Plan with the FCC in order to bolster our already strong protections and controls around regulatory compliance, as part of our ongoing engagement with the FCC.
  • The proposed plan, if accepted by the FCC, opens a critical pathway for Dahua to continue serving dealers, distributors, and end-users in the US marketplace with new products for years to come.

Does Dahua believe the proposed plan would satisfy the FCC’s concerns?

  • Yes. We believe the proposed plan presents a comprehensive and effective framework for Dahua to remain in compliance with relevant restrictions from the FCC.
  • For many years, our products have not been marketed or sold for national security purposes. The proposed plan would provide an additional layer of protection to reinforce confidence and ensure that remains the case.

What are the next steps in the process?

  • We expect the FCC to review the proposed plan and provide substantive feedback in the coming weeks.
  • It is also likely the Commission will open a public comment period on our proposed plan, asking industry stakeholders—including Dahua channel partners—to provide public feedback.
  • As always, we will continue to update our channel partners on any new developments as we move through this process.

If the plan is not approved, what will happen to Dahua's operations in the US marketplace?

  • We are confident the proposed plan meets the high bar for regulatory compliance set by the FCC, and look forward to our continued engagement with the Commission.
  • The proposed plan would open a critical pathway for Dahua to continue serving the US marketplace with new products, but it is not the only available pathway for the company.
  • At this time, Dahua is pursuing all possible avenues—including litigation—to receive future product authorizations.