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Two Ways to Maximize Your Video Surveillance Storage Efficiency & Performance

By | November 22, 2017

The video surveillance market has grown quickly in recent years, not only because of an increased attention on safety and security, but also because video surveillance systems can support other business objectives in many markets. Video surveillance can provide retailers, for example, with valuable information about how consumers behave in stores, respond to product displays, how long they wait in checkout lines, and other real-world data. Based on industry expectations and current trends, by 2019 over 2.5 thousand petabytes of video data will be recorded every day, putting enormous pressure on storage systems to capture and support the review of this fast-growing volume of data.

As surveillance data storage requirements increase, there are two ways to increase the efficiency of the storage and retrieval process. The first way is to decrease the amount of data that has to be stored, and the second is to increase the ability of the storage system to store that data effectively. Dahua security cameras address the first part of that equation, by implementing the most advanced video data compression in the market: Smart H.265+. Seagate addresses the second part of the equation by developing improved storage management hardware and software tailored specifically for video surveillance data storage.

In our recent webinar, Dahua shared the podium with Seagate, Dahua’s partner and expert in storage hardware and software technologies. Together, they discussed the storage of video surveillance data and how Seagate’s SkyHawk ImagePerfect software coupled with Dahua’s Smart H.265+ compression technology supports reliable, high performance video data storage.

In the webinar, the team presented an example to help understand the vast amount of data recorded by one system. Imagine a system of 16 cameras running 24/7 with a 30-day retention requirement. Note that higher resolutions and frame rates require more storage than older video systems, especially in the case of 4K video. In our example, each camera creates a little over 19 GB of data per day, so the total video data that is created each day is about 305 GB. Multiplying this by 30 days to cover the retention requirement results in a total storage requirement of 9.16 terabytes (TB). Surveillance customers expect their storage needs to be met but also demand a high ROI, which is why the proper data storage system needs to be in place.

Dahua’s ultra HD 12MP and 4K cameras with Smart H.265+ technology can replace the work of multiple cameras with one camera. They reduce the number of cameras needed for an overall system either by capturing larger images at a constant resolution level, or by providing additional resolution within the same field of view as standard cameras. In addition, they lower the Total Cost of Ownership in terms of labor, licenses, and other factors. With the addition of Smart H.265+, the overall quantity of data decreases dramatically (up to 80% reduction over standard H.264) without affecting the quality of the data. This is made possible through the implementation of several of the most advanced compression methodologies available today, including Dynamic Region of Interest (D-ROI), Scene Adaptive Encoding, Noise Reduction, and Dynamic Group of Pictures (D-GOP). Dahua’s advanced technologies help increase security camera ROI based on these improved efficiencies and performance.

Seagate’s SkyHawk surveillance storage was developed for heavy surveillance workloads, supporting systems with up to 64 HD cameras. With ImagePerfect™ technology built in, SkyHawk storage systems have a large cache memory, prevent dropped frames, have built-in error correction and disaster recovery algorithms and are optimized for 24/7 usage with up to three times the workload performance of standard hard disk drives (HDD). Each SkyHawk drive can hold up to 10 TB of data, meeting the requirement for 9.16 TB of data storage mentioned in the example.

With over 10 years in surveillance drive development, Seagate is a valued partner of Dahua for reliable, high-performing data storage. Since the strategic partnership was forged in 2014, all Dahua recording devices include Seagate hard drives. Today, the combination of Seagate’s SkyHawk ImagePerfect software with Dahua’s Smart H.265+ compression technology delivers two ways to maximize video surveillance storage efficiency and performance.

Want to learn more about Smart H.265+ and Skyhawk? Listen to the webinar here.

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