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Perspectives from Dahua

Dahua’s Compliance Plan for the FCC

By Perspectives from Dahua

In November 2022, the FCC published an Order placing restrictions on future product authorizations for companies producing equipment on the Covered List, including Dahua Technology USA Inc. (“Dahua”). As part of the Order, the FCC created a pathway for certain Covered List companies, including Dahua, to secure future authorizations for telecommunications and video surveillance equipment, provided these entities can demonstrate that their products are not being marketed or sold for public safety, security of government facilities, physical surveillance of critical infrastructure or other national security purposes.

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Memorandum RE: The FCC’s Equipment Authorization Program

By Perspectives from Dahua

The FCC recently issued an Order regarding future equipment authorizations for Dahua and other companies. To help our partners better understand what the FCC Order does and does not do, Dahua asked our external counsel at Morgan Lewis to prepare a letter for us providing their expert interpretation.

We know several media outlets have incorrectly described the Order as a “ban” on our products. To be clear: all current Dahua products remain authorized. The FCC has also provided Dahua with a path forward to receive future equipment authorizations, given we are able to meet certain requirements.

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