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Dahua USA Launches First IP Speaker for Precision Audio in Security Solutions

By | October 13, 2023

IRVINE, Calif., October 13, 2023 – Dahua Technology USA, a leading provider of video-centric smart IoT solutions, announces the launch of the Dahua DH-VCS-SH30 IP Speaker: a versatile audio solution designed to enhance security, deter criminal activities, and reduce potential costs.

This IP Speaker is Dahua’s first in North America, offering both sound quality and functionality. Housed in a sleek white chassis weighing only 3.97 lbs., it seamlessly integrates with Dahua’s VMS solution, DSS Pro.

The Dahua IP Speaker fulfills the real-time two-way communication requirements of security clients when paired with Dahua’s advanced video management system (VMS). The VMS efficiently detects potential criminal activities, while the IP speaker broadcasts warnings and alerts to deter suspects.

With the release of DSS Pro version 8.3, users can acquire the dedicated IP Speaker single channel license (DSS8PRSPEAKERDL) for easy integration. Notably, within the DSS Pro environment, it is possible to associate multiple speakers with a single camera, a feature unavailable in standard NVR setups.

“The Dahua IP Speaker enhances new and existing security setups, transforming basic cameras into close-proximity two-way communication,” stated Kevin Sok, Product Marketing Manager of Dahua Technology USA.

This versatile speaker serves in traffic management, broadcasting promotional announcements, and offering guidance to delivery personnel. It empowers a wide range of users, including homeowners seeking comprehensive security, business owners needing a multifunctional security and promotional tool, and retail markets aiming to enhance in-store experiences.

Designed for environments requiring clear communications, it ensures it delivers every message with clarity and precision within its immediate range.

Power Options

Users can power the Dahua DH-VCS-SH30 IP Speaker in two ways: with the included DC 24V power adapter or through a specialized setup with a Dahua Power over Ethernet Plus (PoE+) switch, such as the PoE 2.0 16-port DH-PFS4218-16GT-230. This PoE+ switch not only provides power to the speaker but also allows it to connect to the network.

Furthermore, the IP speaker can be powered by the PoE variants of the N8 Series NVR, designed to provide sufficient power for continuous operation. Users only need to set the NVR to bridge mode and configure the IP scheme of the local network, ensuring that the IP speaker inherits the designated IP segment. This option increases flexibility and simplifies the integration process, making it easier to incorporate the IP speaker into any existing security infrastructure.

Key Features:

  • High-Quality Audio: The Dahua DH-VCS-SH30 IP Speaker delivers exceptional sound quality, boasting a 15W speaker power and a sound level of up to 120dB. This ensures clear and concise communication, ideal for environments where clear audio transmission is critical.
  • Seamless Integration: The IP Speaker utilizes Dahua’s proprietary private protocol, enabling integration with Dahua’s N8 Series NVR. It is also fully ONVIF-compliant, distinguishing it from other speakers on the market. This compliance ensures greater integration possibilities with third-party software, making it a versatile choice for various security systems.
  • Personalized Audio File: The IP Speaker allows volume adjustment and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. It supports broadcasting pre-recorded and personalized voice files, catering to various situations and requirements, whether for promotional material or announcements.
  • Ample Memory Capacity: With a default memory capacity of 512MB, Dahua USA’s offering surpasses competitors in the market. Users can expand the available space to accommodate unique requirements, allowing for a maximum capacity of up to 128GB by adding an additional memory card.
  • Cost-effective Solution: For first-time users, the Dahua DH-VCS-SH30 IP Speaker offers a cost-effective and efficient solution to supplement existing security setups. Instead of replacing cameras lacking built-in audio capabilities, users can simply add the IP Speaker to their existing systems. This all-in-one product includes a microphone and a high-quality loudspeaker, enhancing the functionality and communication capabilities of the existing cameras.
  • Flexible Deployment: The IP Speaker supports Power over Ethernet (PoE+) technology, allowing for both power and data transmission over a single Ethernet cable. This reduces wiring complexity and installation time, making it an efficient solution for various environments.
  • Event-Triggered Alerts and Customization: The IP Speaker’s web interface lets users customize settings and upload their own MP3 files for playback in response to NVR-triggered alerts. This feature enhances situational awareness and enables timely audio broadcasts in response to specific events.

Customers can purchase the product from Dahua USA’s authorized distributors by the end of September. Additionally, the company plans to broaden the compatibility of the speaker to encompass Ultra series NVRs, particularly the N98A series.

Experience unrivaled audio clarity with Dahua’s IP Speaker! Now available through our authorized distributors. Don’t miss out, because we’ll be expanding compatibility with our Ultra Series NVRs, particularly the N98A series, very soon. Get yours today!

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