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Guiding the Way for Turtle-Friendly Camera Installations

By | November 22, 2023

The delicate dance of sea turtles as they nest along our coastlines is a spectacle that resonates with many. However, the encroachment of artificial light has put these ancient mariners at risk. In response to this challenge, Dahua has created a customized firmware for select TiOC and VU-MORE Night Color Cameras to enable the white-light illuminators to be turned on or off by month to avoid disturbance during nesting season. This article outlines the importance of this technology, its global impact, and provides guidance for installers and end users who share the vision of wildlife-friendly security.

Nesting sea turtles face challenges as they journey ashore to lay their eggs. Artificial lighting from streetlights and security cameras can disorient them and hatchlings, leading to tragic consequences. These ancient mariners need darkness for successful nesting and the safety of their offspring.

Customizing the Illuminator Schedule:
Dahua’s TiOC and VU-MORE Night Color Cameras allow environmentalists, researchers, and beach authorities to align camera operations with nesting seasons. Customize the illuminator schedule each month, ensuring that artificial light minimally interferes with nesting turtles and hatchlings.

Dahua’s Impact:
Dahua’s TiOC and VU-MORE Night Color Cameras redefine coastal conservation by providing technology that harmonizes security with nature. These cameras offer a balanced approach, providing security for beachgoers and properties while preserving the darkness necessary for nesting turtles.

A Global Commitment to Conservation:
Sea turtle conservation is a global responsibility, spanning various coastal regions. Dahua’s technology is adaptable, making it applicable in diverse locations. Illuminator schedules can be aligned with regional regulations and nesting seasons.

The Guide for Installers and End Users:
For wildlife friendly camera installations, Dahua’s select TiOC and VU-MORE Night Color models offer the unique ability to customize the illuminator’s schedule by month to ensure sea turtles are not disturbed during nesting season.

Customized Firmware:
The following TiOC and VU-MORE Night Color cameras offer customized firmware so that the white-light illuminators can be turned on and off during specific months of the year.
Vari-focal TiOC: N43BX8Z/N83BX8Z
Fixed TiOC: N83BU82-B (black)

Thanks to Dahua’s customized firmware on select TiOC and VU-MORE Night Color Cameras, beaches can remain dark and without distraction from artificial lighting during nesting season.

For installers and end users, the choice is clear: embrace Dahua’s wildlife-friendly technology and contribute to the global effort of preserving these ancient mariners. Together, we can guarantee that our coastal regions remain sanctuaries for nesting turtles, preserving the enduring beauty of nature for all to cherish.


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